“High-Stakes Clash: India-Pakistan Match Faces Rain Threat with Reserved Showdown on September 11 in Rain-Prone Colombo!”

**Asia Cup Super-4 Match Between India and Pakistan: September 11 Reserved for Rain**

In the upcoming Asia Cup Super-4 stage match between India and Pakistan, scheduled for September 10 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, there’s a heightened concern due to a 90% chance of rain. The temperature in Colombo on that day is expected to range from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius.

India-Pakistan Match Faces Rain Threat with Reserved Showdown

To mitigate the risk of weather disruptions, September 11 has been designated as a reserve day specifically for the India-Pakistan match. In the event that rain interrupts the game on September 10, the match will resume from where it left off on September 11. This precautionary measure was put in place following the cancellation of the India-Pakistan match on September 2 due to rain.

It’s important to note that this reserve day is exclusively allocated to the India-Pakistan match and does not apply to any other Super-4 stage matches. In the unfortunate event of rain affecting any other match, it will result in a cancellation. Furthermore, a reserve day has been set aside solely for the Asia Cup 2023 final.

India-Pakistan Match Faces Rain Threat with Reserved Showdown

According to Accuweather and the Sri Lankan Meteorological Department, heavy rain is anticipated in Colombo, starting from 2 pm on Sunday, around the same time the India-Pakistan match is scheduled to begin at 3 pm Indian time. The toss is slated for 2.30 pm.

Team India has taken precautions by practicing indoors on September 7 due to the rainy conditions in Colombo, as confirmed by a tweet from BCCI showcasing their indoor practice session.

Amidst concerns about weather disruptions and a potential shift in venue, the remaining five Super-4 stage matches are scheduled to continue in Colombo from September 9 onwards. Colombo has experienced heavy rains recently, leading to flooding in parts of the city. Weather reports suggest that the rainy conditions may persist until September 17.

India-Pakistan Match Faces Rain Threat with Reserved Showdown

While there were earlier discussions about relocating matches to Hambantota, no consensus has been reached between PCB and ACC, and consequently, the Super-4 matches will proceed in Colombo as planned.

This unfortunate situation highlights a recurring issue in India’s ODI history. The match cancellation between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup marks the 44th instance of an Indian ODI being called off. Team India holds the world record in this regard, with approximately every 24th ODI being canceled. Rain remains a significant factor contributing to these cancellations, although some have occurred without any weather-related disruptions.

India-Pakistan Match Faces Rain Threat with Reserved Showdown

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